Learn the 3 secrets to building your own successful business in 30 days or less without needing any previous business experience

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What This Master Class Will Teach You

Secret 1

How to create a millionaire mindset that puts you in the driver's seat so you can build success fast

Secret 2

How to develop the steps necessary to create a successful business so you can get started quickly

Secret 3

How to automatically have clients knocking on your door without you having to work 16 hours a day

WARNING: This Master Class is only for people who want to Fast Track a new business and become highly successful!

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This Master Class Is For You If:

  • You feel like you have a lack of control

  • You are facing the threat of redundancy

  • You hate your job or boss

  • You have a lack of cash

  • You have a life that is not fun and exciting

  • You are working 50+ hrs/week

What You Will Learn On This Master Class

We would like to invite you to an exclusive webinar with us this week to show you how we have helped thousands of other people start and grow a successful business.

On this webinar, we’re going to show you the three most important secrets that everybody who wants to start and grow a business needs to know.

We’ll also share with you a proven formula to fast track your business success.

It’s everything that you need to know to start and grow your business and make that a reality for you.

This is the same formula that we’ve used to help over 15,000 people get started in their own business.

And more importantly, this is how you can get started for yourself and achieve the success that you want.

For those of you who don’t know our story. We were banking and finance recruitment consultants. We had our own company and we were doing very well. But then the banking crisis hit in 2008. And we went pretty much, overnight, from earnings hundreds of thousands a month to absolutely zero. And we had to start again.

We vowed never to let this happen to us again. We invested heavily in ourselves in our own development to develop our toolbox of skills that we needed. And we utilise those in our own business. We helped thousands of other business owners do the same thing right across the country.

We’re going to show you the key elements of how to get started in your own business. And we’re going to break it down to the three most important ingredients so that you can get started in your business

Secret number one: How to develop a millionaire mindset that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Secret number two. Learn the successful steps that you need to take to build a successful business.

Secret number three: Automatically have clients knocking on your door so you don’t have to work 16 hours a day.

Those are the three main elements that we’re going to show you and we’re really looking forward to showing you how to start and grow your own business. Sign up now and we’ll see you there.

About Helen & Ray

Helen Roberts

Helen is passionate about helping people play full out to become the best they can be, doing what they love. She spent the last decade studying and observing the psychology of influence & interviewing 1000’s of successful business owners to understand human behaviour & how it relates to creating success across business & personal transformation.

Helen is an entrepreneur in her own right and has built & invested in multiple successful businesses across a variety of industries. She has addressed and worked with all levels of business including corporate entities, small & medium sized enterprises & Start Ups.

A business expansion strategist with a 20 year track record of success, Helen has coached, mentored trained & supported 15,000+ people across all industries on 4 continents. Her expertise is in; leadership & peak performance, business  start up & scale-ups, sales & marketing strategies.

Helen has co-created 300+ training programmes on and offline across all core aspects of growing a business. She has spoken at industry specific events & worldwide conferences working with many leading organisations.

Helen knows how to get people authentically engaged to maximise their game in life & business.

Ray Lavery

Having started her first business at 16 and now with over 25 years experience in senior leadership and director positions. Ray has also started and grown several businesses to multiple 6 and 7 figure heights. Ray has helped thousands of businesses scale to the heights they wanted. 

Ray loves to train and guide budding entrepreneurs and has a passion for getting the best out of people. Ray has co-built several large business support programmes for startup across the UK that have helped over 15 thousand people start and grow their own business. 

Ray has extensive experience across the SME sector and has a particular passion for food and services related businesses, though has helped people start and grow their own business across all industies, nationally and internationally. 

Ray has extensive skills in strategy, sales, marketing, leadership and process development and technology. Ray loves to work closely with business owners to help them get the results they want and build the lives they have dreamed of.  

Ray is friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about business and enjoys being around other entrepreneurs and business owners who love to create and live every day to its fullest. Ray currently lives in London but spends a lot of time in Ireland with her family.