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General FAQ's

No. Once you register for the first time you can join any Q&A session. Just use the webinar ID and password that was sent to you. 

It is a good idea to set a recurring meeting reminder in your calendar Then put the webinar ID and password in that reminder so it’s always easy to find. 

Yes of course you can. You do not need to pay for any additional software to use the cheat sheets or excel files. You have a couple of options.

1: You can download a free software programme that works very similarly to word and excel (Microsoft office) called Open Office. You can download a free version at https://www.openoffice.org/. This is an excellent package and has all the same features as Microsoft office. It is completely safe to use. (Only download this from the official site)

2: You can also use Google docs. https://www.google.co.uk/docs/about/ This is an online version (also free) of a programme that does almost all the same things as word and excel. That is completely online and so you don’t need to download anything. You will need a gmail account to access this. Its free to get one. So please go to the following link to sign up for one. https://accounts.google.com/signup

If using Google docs, the preferred method is to download the cheat sheet onto your computer and then upload it to Google Docs. This will preserve the tables. (Note: If the formatting looks off, you may need to click on the Google docs settings tab, click settings and make sure that the convert document is NOT checked)

If you prefer to go straight into Google Docs without having to download it to your device first you can install the below extensions on your browser. (Please note that the formatting can sometimes look off, which is why option 1 is the preferred. 

Chrome: Ultimate Google Docs Viewer

Firefox: Open It Online

Then when you are on the link of the file you can right click with your mouse and choose the open with Google Docs option. 

If you are using a Mac or a different browser we would recomment using  Gdocsopen 

In order for a module to be shown as complete you need to complete the quiz and then click on the orange “continue” button under the quiz results. 

If you do not do this then the system won’t know that you have finished the module.

The quizzes are there to help you and make sure that you have completed everything necessary to get the best results for your business. So we highly recommend that you complete them.

Completing the quizzes is of course a choice. However, to earn points and recieve your certificates of completion then you do need to complete the quizzes.


The emails are there to help remind you. We know how easy it is to get distracted. By doing a little bit each day, you will reach your goals faster. That said, this course is there for you when you want to do it. So no, you don’t have to log in every day. It’s up to you when you do the modules. 

In order for the platform to remember your progress in a video, we put a cookie on your local browser that stores your video position.

Therefore if you change device, then you get a new cookie for that new device.

As it is a different cookie, the platform will only remember what you did on that particular device. 

Course FAQ's

Module 1

Ifthat is truly the case then please book yourself into the next Q&A session and Ray and Helen will help you. 

Module 2

Yes it is. No matter what your business, there will be competition. In order to attract clients to you, you will need to be heard above the noise. Therefore the more specific you are then the more easily your potential customers will be able to find you. 

Being specific means that you can really become an expert and seen as an expert and also this will mean you can justify higher prices more easily. 

Module 3

When we talk about intrinsic and extrinsic We are firstly talking about what is motivating you.

Typically we are very used to work with extrinsic motivations. Things like do it or else…..

So, some external factor is forcing you to take a particular action. This is commonly known as the carrot and stick method. Very common in a lot of older style companies.

That type of “motivation” does not encourage anyone. In fact over time is serves to do the opposite. Resentment starts to show and any person under extrinsic forces becomes defiant and will do anything they can to avoid or get out of that situation.

So extrinsic motivation can work over the short term but it is not preferred as eventually you meet resistance.

Intrinsic motivations comes from you on the inside. In other words, you are setting the reward.

So, if I complete/do this then I can have…… 

This type of motivation is far more beneficial and far more likely to get better results. Essentially no one is being forced. It is a choice and also there is a choice as to what the reward it.

So as an example. If I complete this module by this evening then I will allow myself to take the night off and meet my friends.

This type of motivation comes from the heart and as you are in control you are much more likely to do it. You have a choice and no one if forcing it upon you.

In leadership roles, good managers are encourage to work out intrinsic motivations with their team members so they are much more likely to willingly and happily do the work necessary to achieve a self set goal.

Module 4

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Module 5

Module 6

We would say as soon as possible and before you put it out into the public domain. Trademarks on logos and name of product should be done asap for the UK and if your budget allows a more EU wide focus. You may want to look at other jurisdictions depending on your goals for the business. We would say get the basics protected.

It is important to insure that you protect your IP in all of the right classes. A class is a breakup of the different industries that exist. So you will protect your trademark within those classes and other people can trademark something similar in different classes.  The best advice it to have a conversation with our resident IP expert Akeem. You can find him on the experts page. 

If you are protecting an actual physical product or unique processes then you absolutely must acquire a patent before you release it onto the public domain. If you do not, it become ineligible for patent protection.

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Sure. Let’s do our best.

So the format is as below with the size of the text being one of the differentiator. The purpose it of each section is to get the reader to read the next section.

  2. Subheadline
  3. Information content, bullet points calls to action etc.

So as an example. Here’s one we use for a free webinar for this course. This is obviously quite a sales orientated one.

Headline: Learn the 3 secrets to building your own successful business in 30 days or less without needing any previous business experience

Sub headline: We’ll show you the 3 steps you must master to build a 6 or 7 figure business with predictability

The headline is designed to make people wonder, how can I set up a business like that? This means they read the subheadline.

So in this situation, the sub headline is adding context to what the headline is promising. The sub headline is also there to build curiosity. So the obvious question from the reader is, what are the 3 secrets? This makes them want to find out more and so they read on.

Our “introduce the solution” then introduces the secrets without telling them how we do it.

You see how that works?

Lets look at a few more examples: Still sales orientated.

And now some more article types of headlines and subheadlines. These are literally from the news  from the Metro newspaper. You see how its set up?

  1. Picture that makes you look.
  2. Headline you automatically read
  3. Sub headline (in this format it’s laid out its like a caption) that makes you want to read more.

All you are doing is bringing them on a journey down the page. Of course you know that 80% of people just read the headline and only read on if they are interested. That’s why we want to hook them in with that. The sub headline is just building on this and again makes them want to read more.

That’s it. Keep it simple. Don’t overthink it.

Module 10

Module 11

Though we are not tech support for Mailchimp we do use Mailchimp a lot. 

The easiest way to do it and make it look nice is to attach a link to an image.

1: Upload your pdf/document to a service like Dropbox/Google. Then share the file and then copy the url of that link and save it in an email for temporary keeping.

2.Take a screen shot of your Value Content and save it on your laptop or create a picture that you can use that shows what they are getting, like a cover of a book. (Paste the screen shot into PowerPoint, crop it as necessary and then save that image. Make sure that the image file size is small. You can also you the windows snipping tool on your desktop to take a targeted screenshot)

3: In MailChimp drag the add image into your email.

4: Drag and drop your image into the box

5: One you have an image there in the right hand menu for the image you will see this

Click on the link and put the url that you saved earlier.

And that’s it.

Another option if you don’t want an image is just to write some test in the email. Download here. Then highlight that text. Click on the link button and then paste you link into the box that opens. Click save and that’s done.

We hope that helps!

Module 12

Module 13

Module 14

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