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    The Fast Track 30 Day Programme

    Full 14 Day Guarantee

    I’m an addict

    “The practical and easy-to-understand lessons are so inspiring that all you need to do.. is just do it! With “down to earth” attitude and “sharing is caring” vibes, Helen and Ray share their wisdom & life lessons with you – and even get to answer all the (personal) question on the way – so this is why I’m an addict to listen to more & more!”

    Payment FAQ's

    100% yes. All payments go through either Stripe or PayPal and they have the best proctection and encryption available. We are also SSL secured. We never hold any of your payment information on our servers or website.

    That is completely up to you. Your options are:

    1: Pay in 1 upfront payment of £1,997 by debit or credit card via Stripe or PayPal. You’re guarantee starts once payment clears our account. This gives you an extra discount of £398 on the 5 month payment plan.

    2: Pay in 5 equal installments of £479 charged monthly for 5 months.  This is a total investment of  £2,793. You will have immediate access to the programme once the first payment clears our account. Your 14 day guarantee begins from your first payment. The guarantee covers whatever payments you have made in the first 14 days. 

    Please note this is a payment plan. By choosing this option you agree to pay all 5 payments which will be taken automatically each month. You are a full member and have lifetime access only once the full payment is made.  

    After you pay you will be directed to our Thank you page and you will be automatically logged in. You will recieve an eReceipt email and also an email with your username and password. (You may need to check your junk).

    We will also add you to our mailing list which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

    We offer you a full 14 day no questions asked refund. This means whatever monies you have paid to us within those first 14 days are guaranteed. So you have plenty of time to have a look around and see what you think. 

    Thats no problem. You can contact us via live chat during normal UK hours. Just click on the chat icon in the bottom right. 

    You can also email us at 

    Finally, you can also call us on 0207 193 2319 and we’ll be happy to help.