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About How To Start A Business

How To Start A Business is the brain child of Ray Lavery and Helen Roberts.

Both Helen and Ray have been working together for over 10 years. Both of them are experts in start ups, scale ups and business growth.

With years in expertise of helping people start their own business Helen and Ray realised that to help the volume of people requesting help that they needed to create an online programme where people had access to the latest training and tools for starting and growing a successful business. Creating this programme has allowed Helen and Ray to dramatically increase the number of businesses they help and people are still get one to one assistance through the weekly live Q&A sessions. 

“We are immensely proud of the work we do. Our greatest joy is to see the success of our clients and the happiness and freedom it gives them.”

Ray Lavery

business support award

Photo taken 2019 willing one of our many awards for our business support programmes

Both have started, grown and sold multiple businesses in their own right. They came together in partnership almost 15 years ago to help people start their own business.

They work under the banner of their parent company CPG (www.cpgexp.com) and have worked together to create and roll out many business support programmes for local government across the UK and for corporates across the UK and Ireland.

Examples are:

They have also run many business support programmes for corporates and banks such as Nat West, Metro Bank, Credit Union Of Ireland.

They have also run programmes for business growth accelerators, funding platforms and universities.

How It All Started

Their journey into helping start ups began in 2008 when the financial crisis broke. At the time, both Helen and Ray ran a finance and banking recruitment agency which had offices in 5 locations, Dublin, London, New York, Singapore and Warsaw. Due to the large scale redundancies in the finance sector, their business was wiped out overnight.

“After that Ray and I vowed that we would never let anything like that happen to us again.”

Helen Roberts.

Banking crisis

After the crash Helen and Ray needed to rethink their strategy. They spent the next few years travelling around the globe working with the top experts and consultants across business growth. On their return, they implemented and perfected what they had learnt across all areas of their business.

Many of their previous clients began to notice their new success. And now as start ups themselves requested the help of Helen and Ray. And thus the journey began. As time passed the number of clients grew and they started getting requests from corporate to create business support programmes for them.

In turn, this lead to Helen and Ray being approached by Emma Jones from StartUp Britain who asked them to create programmes for the South West of London, which they did. As the news spread of the success of these programmes, more and more requests came in to create new programmes across the UK and Ireland, which Helen and Ray did.

To date Helen and Ray have helped over 15,000 businesses start up & grow or scale up.

7 years later, the volume of requests are still high. However Helen and Ray knew that they could only help a fraction of the people requesting assistance. To fix this, in 2019 they started building their online programme for start ups and micro businesses called The Fast Track Business Growth Programme.

About How To Start A Business

This is the most comprehensive programme available that show the compete A-Z of starting and growing a business in this modern digital world. This programme was launched in July of 2020 and already is gaining exceptional feedback and rave reviews from participants.

Helen and Ray will be releasing more online programmes in 2021 focusing on businesses that wish to scale their business to new heights.

For more information or for our media pack please email us at hello@how-to-start-a-business.co.uk